The (TTB Virtual Carbon offset World) Tour

We stay home so you don’t have to! And then there’s the other thing . . . where paper comes from. So we’ve decided to forego the Actual World Tour to promote the book to offset some of the environmental costs of printing the first 10,000 draft versions  . . .

Get to know the Cast up close and animal!

(caution! Reading these without first reading the book may lead to CCS-like symptoms)


Parrot profCatching up with the parrot: Interview Exclusive!

Monkey prof picElephant’s encore: Interview with the Monkey!

ferret prof picBehind the scenes with the Ferret!

girl prof pic Scandal! Girl reveals she is Dinosaur!

germie prof picHot Tea ‘n Colds: Germie Interview!

prof pic rabbitThe Rabbit Interview: Enough with the Carrots Already!




CCS = Character Confusion Syndrome

The characters appearing in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to real fruits, animals, dentists or illustrators, living, dead, stuffed, waxed, or lacquered, is probably coincidental.